screw extuder

TXP160 screw extruder machine is the main technological equipment for oil-bearing material like soybean seed and rice bran. It is mainly used in rice bran stabilizing treatment and bean extruding in cereal and oil industry, and also can be used to manufacture different expanded feeds in oil mills, rice mills, soybean protein factories and feed mills. This extruder had the honor to win the National New Product Certificate granted by the State Science and Technology Commission, and is a patent product with a patent No. ZL90224391.8 of our works.

screw extruders for soybean seeds

Main structure of TXP160 Screw Extruder

This machine is composed of a driving system, a feeding device, an extruding device, an electric control cabinet and so on.

main structure of screw extruder

Working  Principle

This extruding machine can transfer mechanical energy to thermal energy by extrusion, friction and shearing function of non-equidistance screw extrusion system, and form a certain pressure and temperature in the extruding chamber, so material is sprayed out from the discharging die head to be expanded and formed.


Main Technical Parameters

Items Unit Parameters
Treating capacity (output) kg/h 650~1350
Rotating speed of main shaft r/min 630
Rotating speed of feeder r/min 200~400
Power of main motor kw 55
Power of feeding motor kw 2.2
Power consumption kw·h/t 35~58
Noise dB 82
Treatment (Processing) temperature (discharging end) 80~140
Overall dimensions(LxWxH) mm 2150×2100×1280
Weight of machine kg 1800

Installation and commissioning

  • This machine should be installed on a flat foundation, it is better to install foundation screw, and a proper space around it should be remained in convenience for discharging, conveying and packing, and a certain space shall be remained for easy removal and maintenance.
  • Incoming line of electric control cabinet shall be reasonably equipped based on motor power.
  • Installation of connector of speed control gauge: align connector keyways with protuberant rib, insert the connector, and then tighten the fastening helicoids.
Screw extruding machine is ready to be packing

screw extruding machine in the packing box

Screw Extruder Application

The machine is the single equipment integrated in raw material feeding, heating and extruding, which can be used for the below applications, as required by different extruding treatment, under 80—140℃ temperature, it can be adjusted by discharging die heads with different apertures, material can be dehydrated by 3—5% after being expanded.

1. Application in oil mills
Crude oil manufactured by extruding and extracting technology is of light color and low acid value, it is easy to make advanced cooking oil in different levels; and bulk weight of material increases after being expanded, so that production capacity of extractor can be greatly improved and residual oil rate of dry cakes is lower than 1%. Raw material is naturally heated to about 110℃ after entering the extruder, and then sprayed out through die head (that is to say it is expanded and formed). During the extruding process, temperature of mechanical friction heat can inhibit activity of active teichomycin and can kill some fungi and microorganism, so that material will not deteriorate in a longer period.

2. Application in soybean protein factories


extruder application in soybean protein factories

3. Technological flow for application in rice mills (for a rice mill over 200t/d)

screw extruder 

application in rice mills

4. Application in formula feed mills

screw extruder 

application in formula feed mills

Precautions Before Trial Run

  • The incoming materials shall be cleaned without any foreign matters and impurities, especially the hard matters such as metal are forbidden to mix into the raw materials.
  • Moisture content of raw material shall be kept between 12—14%, do not feed the oil-bearing materials with moisture content of less than 8%.
  • The oil-bearing materials may not be put into the feeder some times more and some times less, and especially may not be fed intermittently, so as to ensure continuously stable and normal production of this machine.