YZS-100A integrated oil press

Model: YZS-100A Integrated Oil Press
Capacity: 5T/24H
Power: 7.5+1.1KW
Packing Dimensions: 2270x750x1820mm /1220*590*600mm
Weight: 780KG

The YZS-100A combines the process of pressing and filtering into one machine, which saves labor and improves efficiency compared to traditional screw oil press machine. Besides, this integrated type oil expeller press can automatically control the pressing temperature of press chamber. It can equip an electrical control box with personalized buttons which is easy for the operation of clients. The YZS series integrated oil press features high oil output rate and good oil quality. The auto-heating system can improve oil output greatly. This kind of integrated oil press machine is quite suitable for farm use or small oil pressing workshop.

Main Structure and Uses of Each Part of the Machine

YZS-100 integrated oil press mostly composed by four parts: feeder, press chamber, electrical control and vacuum filter drum. The heating system is inside press cage. The filtering drum is vacuum filter with sight glass. The oil sight glass can help user to control the speed of oil clearing process.