How to Make an Oil Press Machine

Last week, our sale staff went to the factory of ABC Machinery to have a further study about screw oil press machine. If you don’t have any ideas about oil press machine. Now, you can learn it with us.

oil press factory

Structure of Oil Press Machine

How to make an oil press machine? The process of oil press manufacturing involves complicated steps and highly professional techniques. All the workers in our factory has been working in factory for at least 10 years, they all have skillful experiences of oil press machine.

oil press machine structure

Screw Oil Press Structure

Generally, the screw oil press is composed of many different components. All the components are installed by professional workers to get a complete oil press. The main structure of screw oil press is machine base, gear box, pressing chamber, screw shaft, feeding hopper and more. As the core heart of oil press machine, the pressing chamber is made up of pressing rings, pressing bars, oil cake out rings and more. The arrangement of pressing rings and screw shaft are very important, so when you need to replace the pressing rings or the screw shaft, you must have professional technical supports, otherwise, it may cause unpleasant results.


Tips on Oil Press Operation

  • It is necessary to have the testing running of a new oil press machine. Although all the oil press have been tested before leaving the factory, it is highly recommended to test your oil press when you get it to ensure its normal operation
  • It is necessary to have some spare parts of long-term operation. It is inevitable to have some components wear out, the main components that is more likely to wear out are pressing rings, pressing bars, oil cake out rings, screw shaft and more. If you have some knowledge about the screw oil press, you can replace it by self.