Small Palm Oil Refining Process and Equipment

Here is an article about small palm oil refining process and palm oil refining equipment.

Description of Small Palm Oil refining Equipment

small palm oil refining equipment
Small Palm Oil Refining Equipment for Sale

Just as its name implies, palm oil refining equipment is used for refining crude palm oil to produce edible oil. Here in this article, let’s talk about crude palm oil refining process, related processing equipment, operation tips and refining effect. The followings are brief introduction for you.

Palm Oil Refining Equipment for Small Oil Mill Plant


Small palm oil refining equipment consists of refining tank, decolorization tank, deodorization tank, filter, oil pump and electric motor control system. In order to meet the needs of small oil mill workshops, ABC Machinery has successfully developed a complete set of equipment dedicated to the palm oil refining production for small palm oil mill plant, and realized the integrated flow of dephosphorization, degumming, deacidification, dehydration and decolorization. 

At present, our small oil refining equipment has been exported around the world, especially in Nigeria, Liberia, Lagos, Congo, Peru, Malaysia, Indonesia, etc, favored by local customers. After being processed by our small palm oil refining plant, the refined oil can meet the cooking oil standards and can be filled for sale directly!

Operation Process of Small Scale Palm Oil Refining Equipment

Crude palm oil - degumming (water washing) - deacidification (alkali refining) - decolorization (clay adsorption) - dehydration (heating and drying) - deodorization (vacuum distillation) - refined oil

crude palm oil refining process

Crude Palm Oil Refining Process

Treatment effect of small palm oil refining machine: The oil processed by small palm oil refining equipment is featured of transparent color, long-term storage without precipitation, non-foaming, no oil smoke, up to the international standard for edible oil, can be directly filled and sold. Oil small oil refining machine set is applicable to small scale palm oil processing business in Nigeria.

Features of small palm oil refining equipment

  • Adopting food-grade stainless steel materials and polished; Meet international standards for food machinery.
  • Simple design with exquisite appearance to improve customer satisfaction.
  • Simple and safe operation; General staff operate it easily after professional engineer training
  • It can realize degumming, deacidification, decolorization, deodorization and other operations of crude palm oil, and realize high-quality palm oil.

The above is a brief description of small palm oil refining process. I believe many friends have a preliminary understanding of this equipment. If you are interested in starting your own palm oil processing mill, you are welcome to contact us or visit the factory for more details.