YZS-70 integrated oil press

Model: YZS-70 Integrated Oil Press
Capacity: 50KG/H
Power: 4KW
Voltage: 380V
Packing Dimensions: 1000*1000*1250mm
Weight: 256KG
Vacuum Pump: 4L

YZS-70 integrated oil press is one of the most advanced screw type oil expelling equipment in today’s market. This model of oil press machine is simple in structure, has good adaptability, easy to operate and can extract and filter oil at one time. It can work continuously with a high rate of production and good oil yield.

Applications of the YZS-70 Integrated Oil Press

YZS-70 oil making machine can process a great number of oil bearing materials like peanuts, sesame, rapeseeds, cotton seeds and so forth.  The equipment belongs to cold oil press, oil bearing materials can directly put into the preheated machine which needs no cooking. Apart from that, YZS-70 integrated oil press can equip with diesel engine which is more suitable for mobile operation such as at a vegetable market, a supermarket, a bazaar in the countryside, or even at home.

What is Cold Pressing?

‘Cold Pressing’ is the term given to the process of mechanically separating oil from the seed by application of pressure only, without the addition of heat or chemicals. This method maintains the natural structure of the oil, with all its natural characteristics.