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Many small and medium processors of mustard oil have been facing many challenges with the traditional processing techniques. Speed and efficiency have been major challenges. Advances in technology have seen significant developments aimed at cutting costs and making this process much more profitable. You might be experiencing these challenges with your approach to the processing of mustard oil. The good news is that you can now address these challenges with ease thanks to the new technology of using the Mustard Oil Machine Full Auto. Unlike the traditional oil presses this equipment can greatly simplify oil processing and save costs by minimizing required labor for the process. 

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Full Auto Mustard Oil Machines

The machines come in different models and capacities. As you scout around you will get a machine that perfectly suits your mustard oil processing capabilities. The capacities vary from 1.5 KG/H, to 4 KG/H, or you can go for bigger models that have higher extraction capacities ranging from 2T/24 H to 10 T/24 H. All the models also vary in weight and dimensions. The size of your physical processing space will also determine the size of the machine that best suits you.

full auto mustard oil machine

How Does Full Auto Mustard Oil Machine Work?

Coming with four major parts: feeder, press chamber, vacuum filter drum and the electrical control, this machine basically takes over all the operations that needed your manual interventions.
The automatic oil processing section adopts the vital special screw oil press which ensures the palm nut oil is out of the dregs without it incurring any damage. You do not have to interfere with the process as the machine is programmed to ensure the process completes automatically.

In the vacuum filter drum you will have your crude oil automatically purified by removing all sediments and dirt. The good thing is that you can see the process as it goes on since the filtering drum is provided with a sight drum which can also help you to control the speed of the oil cleaning process.

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Advantages of the Mustard Oil Machine Full Auto

  • They cover small space compared to their traditional counterparts
  • Being electrically controlled, you will find the much safer and easier to control. Thus you don’t have to worry much about your safety or that of your employees.
  • You will increase you profits significantly by saving on unnecessary labor costs.
  • Unlike with traditional processes where you have to have breaks occasioned by employee fatigue, with this equipment you can extract your oil continuously thus maximizing your operations.
  • Low noise compared to traditional extractors
  • You enjoy a high rate of oil extraction
  • You get purer oil due to the filters that sieve out all unwanted sediments.
  • Your oil cakes will be of a much better quality
  • You will be able to do both hot and cold pressing
Enjoy greater profits, cleaner oils and oil cakes with the Mustard Oil Machine full auto. These machines come at very affordable prices and are excellent for people who run small and medium mills.