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pretreatment of oil bearing seeds before pressing

Pretreatment process of oil bearing seeds is very necessary before you start extruding oil by an oil expeller press. Do proper pretreatment before pressing oil can improve the efficiency of oil yield and ultimately save on costs. The pretreatment including a series procedures like detaching impurities out of the oil bearing materials and adjust its water content and temperature. The pretreatment process and related equipment are different according to various oil bearing materials. For example, disc huller is used to process cotton seed, peanut shelling machine, however, has a better effect on peeling groundnut kernels etc.

Pretreatment Process of Oil Bearing Seeds

pretreatment process of oil bearing material before extruding

  • Cleaning: Raw material always contains a certain degree of impurities. The organic impurities include the stem leaf, cord, chemical fibers, velveteen and their seeds. The inorganic impurities, however, sometimes mean soil, dinas and metal. If you don’t clean them, it will quicken to damage the inside parts, reduce edible oil yield, even trouble and accident.
  • Shelling:   As oil material with shell on it, you should remove the husks, then press, thus improving production capacity and cooking oil output rate. It equipped with husking machine, separating sieve, separator, etc.
  • Crushing:   Some oil can press directly. If it through crushing and flaking, then pressing, it will have high oil yield. It equipped with crusher, flaking mill, etc.
  • Steaming and Frying:   Steaming and frying is an important part of improving oil yield. Common method is you must wet the oil crop at first, then through frying pan or cooker to dry, so that oil material up to standard moisture and temperature. It equipped with steaming frying pan and frying seed pan.