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  • small scale oil pressing line
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  • YZS-100 screw oil making machine
  • YZS-100A integrated oil making machine
  • YZS-130 screw oil press making machine
  • YZS-130A integrated oil press making machine
  • Small Oil Pressing Line
  • Small Oil Refinery line
  • YZS 100 Screw Oil Press
  • YZS 100A Integrated Oil Press
  • YZS 130 Screw Oil Press
  • YZS 130A Integrated Oil Press
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matters need attention when using an oil press

Matters Need Attention During Operation

★    During operation, hand or iron bar is prohibited to enter the hopper, only wooden rod to be used to stir the material.
★    During operation, to move cake outlet wheel by iron bar or screwdriver is prohibited.
★    During operation, to press cake ring only by screw shaft.
★    Raw materials to be pressed should be clean. Stones or meatal are prohibited to be put in.
   Electric motor has to be carthed properly.
    Tightening the screw shaft to its dead end is prohibited before starting operating an oil press, which might cause slag outlet to contact cake outlet ring, resulting in wearing.

Preparatory Work Before Starting an Oil Press

★   Tighten every bolt,nut, check is there any loose or damage in the parts. Lubricate sheave and turn it make sure it is movable or intervented with other parts.
★    Remove any foreign articles, e.g. stones, iron scraps etc. to avoid damaging the machine.
★   Before operating, adjust clearance between screw shaft and cake outlet ring by return the shaft for 2-4 circles when they touched against each other. After adjustment, operation the machine idly for 5 minutres, make sure there is no any unusual sound, and then feed in.