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how to improve peanut oil yield

Usually, the oil output rate is a general data, it differs from the oilseeds you are going to process, let's take peanuts for example, the peanut oil yield is around 35% to 45%, however, this data can be maximized with proper extracting methods.

method to improve peanut oil output/ recovery rate

How to Improve Peanut Oil Yield

Choose Dry Peanuts and Well Prepared

You should choose dry and plump peanut/ groundnuts instead of the wet ones. The peanuts should be sundried and removed the impurities like stones, snad, dusts etc. If the capacity is small, you can choose to do it manually, but if the capacity is big, then you should think about appropriate oilseed cleaning equipment help you do the job.

Well Control the Cooking Temperature

Cooking the peanut kernels 80% of the seeds have been properly cooked, pick the groundnuts by hand to see if they have come to the condition that the kernel, husk separation. In this time, the kernels appears lignt yellow color. The oil is more active in the high temperature, the seeds just out off the roarsting machine when reaching 130º C, more oil can be obtained if oil is expelled at this temperature.  The water content is ablout 1-2%,and the oil cakes is about 0.7—1-2mm.

Choose the Right Oil Press Machine

The quality of oil press machine has big influence on the oil yield. Mainly on the machine itself, it is pressure of press cage and temperature of screw shaft. Finally, high residual oil content on the cake. As we know, if the cake is too thick and high oil residual, we get less oil. So to get high oil recovery, we should try to get thinner cake in the oil press work. The oil press machine from Junta is able to control the thick of dry cake into 0.8-2mm, and less than 4% residual oil content.

YZS-7 automatic oil press

screw type YZS-100 oil press machine