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factors effect your oil yield

There are a great number of reasons that may affect oil output rate, water content and oil cake thiskness are the two main factors. If you are willing to improve the rate of your oil yield, you should pay more attention!

Water Content: This is the critical factor, as a matter of fact , water content directly affects oil output rate. However, user usually has not proper inspection equipment. Hence, water content of some main raw material may be detected as follows.

   Bean, if teeth beating could crack it, forming flat pieces accompanied with light sound . the waterontent is suitable . Flat piece without cracking means too wet. Heating or sunshine may be drive water off. However , cracking accompanied with loud indicates too dry . Adequate water needs to be added.
★   Cotton seeds, shell and kernel may be separated by teeth beating. Shell breaking may be accompanied byound, which means water content is suitable .shell being flatting indicates too wet , shell being spfi tted intoowder means too dry.
   Rape seeds, They can be pressed either at hot or at cold state. Cold pressing : extruding by finger , if they splitted into two pieces, accompanied by sound and oil, this implicates water content is adequate. Otherwise ,extruding makes power indicates too dry, makes flat slice, too wet.H ot pressing (after heating) , To scratch seeds by two slices of wood, if shell and kernel could be splittcd . water content is adequate. If kernel becomes power, it iss too dry, in the case that shell and can be splitted, it is too wet.

Cakes Thickness: Cakes thickness reflects the pressure inside the chamber. Thicker cake indicates lower pressure inside the hamber, thinner cake-higher pressure inside. If raw material has less oil content, chamber pressure should be higher, cake will be thinner, round plates need to be tightened, in the case of high oil content material, pressure in the chamber sho uld be lower, then circular plates need to be loosened, resulting in thicker cake. Recommended
hickness of cakes will be.

★   Bean, I. I-I .5mm for the first pressing,0.5-1mm for the second pressing .
   Cotton seeds, only one pressing , 1-2mm.
   Ground nut kernel Xormallv cold pressing for 2-3 times , 1-2mm

Important Note: Cake thickness should be as according to different factors to achieve highest oil output rate. Hence, above figures will only be for reference.