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things need to consider when buying oil press

The oil-making industry is starting to become one of the booming industries in the century. And this is a reason for you to start investing on your own oil-making business. However, your business would not be a success if you do not have good oil press machines. Before buying oil press machines, here are some things that you might want to consider.

things need to consider when buying oil press

4 Things to Consider When Buying an Oil Press

1. Material : First is the material you would want to process. There are various oil-making businesses which specialize in the production of oils from different materials. May it be soybean, rapeseed, sesame, sunflower seed, castor beans, groundnuts, coconut, corn, palm, or cotton name it and the oil-making industry has it. You just need to decide which one you would want to specialize in. And from there, you can choose among the types of oil press offered in the market. There is no such oil press machine that can extract all kinds of material with a perfect oil yield, so you need to choose your oil press carefully. Say for example that you decide to extract sesame oil, the YZS-70 Integrated Oil Press might be a better choice. There are a whole lot of other choices of oil press.

materials to oil press

2. Capacity: Another thing to consider is the capacity of the oil press. How much oil are you planning to produce per day? If you just want an average production for your start-up, you may want to buy the Screw Oil Press which comes in different models with various oil production capacity that ranges from 0.8TPD-20TPD. However, if you want to produce more, it is recommended for you to buy the Integrated Oil Press which also comes in different models with various oil production capacity of 15-30TPD.

capacity for oil presses

3. Quality: You should also consider the quality of the oil press. You must be able to check the product rigorously before purchase. In checking if the oil press is really of good quality, you should first check the overall appearance of the product. Oil press manufacturers generally use good paint on their machine to ensure that the machine processes smoothly, so it’s a GO if you see that the oil press is painted evenly. You must also check whether the spare parts of the oil press is complete, you definitely don’t want to miss out on even the smallest detail.

4. Price: Lastly, the price of the oil press is one of the most important things to consider. Starting with a low capital in putting up a business like this would not be a problem if you buy oil press from China. You can search the market and know that China offers the lowest oil press price. You might think that you are sacrificing the quality if you buy cheap oil press, but no. China’s oil press price might be cheap, but it definitely is of good quality.