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If you are planning to entering into oil making business by starting with small scale oil pressing plant, you must need at least one set of oil press. As the core part of oil production, oil press is the most cost effective and simple but efficient oil processing machine to extract oil out from various oil seeds. It is very suitable for mini or small scale oil mill plant.

Small Seed Oil Press Structure

YZS-68 is the smallest oil press in our products catalogue. It is a single screw oil pressing machine that mainly utilizes screw shaft to squeeze oil out. The biggest features of this mechanical pressing technology is that there are no chemical treatment during the whole oil pressing process, at the same time, it is very easy to operate and maintain. Below is the main structure of YZS-68 small seed oil press. It is very compact in size, but can not underestimate its oil pressing ability. YZS-68 oil press has been selling for at least ten years. It has won the approvals of a lots of customers.
small seed oil press at factory price

New order of small seed oil press

Below is the new order of YZS-68 small seed oil press by a customer from America. He brought this oil press to replace his old one to process hemp seeds. Our small seed oil press can process palm kernel, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, cottonseed, rapeseed, groundnut, almond and more for high quality crude oils. If you want to produce edible oils or high grade edible oils, you may need to equip oil filter press or oil refinery machinery together with your small oil press.
small hemp seed oil press

If you are looking for small oil press for your oil seed, our YZS-68 small oil press is a great choice. We can offer factory price while ensure high quality. You are welcomed to inquiry for any questions.