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small turnkey oil press system

Fully small-scale turnkey oil press system is an affordable, useful and effective fully automated machine that composed of several pieces that together output continuous oil extraction. Each of its many various-stage processing equipment easily connects to another to form a high output, continuous processing line for edible oil operation.  

small scale turnkey oil press system China

Things Need to Consider Before Starting a Small Press System

It is advisable for all potential buyers to first ask themselves the following question before settling on any small production plant to ensure that the machine they acquire will optimally perform the intended task;
  • Why Do I need to start processing oil?
  • Will I be processing oil as a hobby or for economic gains?
  • How big or small will my operation be?
  • Which locality will I be operating in?
All these questions are important since their answers will inform the potential buyer on the features to look out for. Note that, depending on specific type of oil the buyer intends to process small-scale turnkey oil press system in China with, there exist very many technologies as well as makes to consider. The following are two crucial features to pay attention to ensure that the machine will serve its purpose.

4 Advantages of the Small Turnkey Oil Press System

  • The system requires less labor, is easy to install commission and operate.
  • It also requires very little capital to acquire and a small workspace, yet it performs a wide variety of functions which are necessary for the production of edible oil.
  • The machine can prepare several different types of oilseeds that include rape seeds, peanut nernels, cotton seeds, corn seeds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, palm kennels among many more.
  • The continuous process implies that the system needs two or three personnel only for the entire line.

Oil Screw Press – Main Equipment in Small Turnkey Oil Press System

Oil can conveniently be extracted mechanically with a screw oil press. A screw type oil machine presses oil seeds through a caged barrel-like cavity, which uses friction and continuous pressure from the screw drives to move and compress the seed material. Raw materials enter one side of the press and waste products exit the other side. The level of scale of the intended small-scale turnkey oil press system  will determine the type that best suits the purpose.

Small-scale turnkey oil press system operates on a mild machine press principle and hence does not mix and tear the seeds. Almost all oil-bearing nuts, seeds as well as kernels can be pressed with normal standard system without even adjusting the oil outlet holes or the screws.  

Expellers have a revolving screw inside a level cylinder covered at one end. The screws drive out the nuts or seeds via the cylinder with progressively decreasing pressure. Friction and electric heaters both heat the seed. After removing the cap, the oil will escape from the cylinder via small slots or holes. The meal or press cake emerges from one end of the cylinder. The pressure and temperature are both adjustable and hence can give different types of feedstock.

Anytime you feel interested in the small scale oil press system to start you own oil making business, please feel free to get in touch us, we will serve you with Patience and sincerity