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small palm kernel oil refinery assembly unit

Have a lot of palm kernels but do not know how to deal with them? Setting up a small scale palm kernel oil refinery unit will be a better choice!

The refinery process of the small palm kernel nut is not possible without mentioning the palm kernel oil small processing line. Why choose the small unit? The small palm kernel assembly unit ensures that kernels in are reduced to very small sizes during the first stage of refining process. Like any other line, the small line also ensures that mechanical, chemical and physical processes of refining provide the manufacturer with the full advantages.

Small Type Palm Kernel Oil Refinery Assembly Unit

 To make the oil edible, the impurities must be taken out; such a process is called “Refining” Oil refinery refers to a series of refining processes that can remove FFA, gums, waxes, phospholipids and free fatty acid (F. F.A.), pigment, off-flavor and other impurities in the oil. The small oil refinery unit is your best choice to start the oil refining business!

small palm kernel oil refinery assembly unit

Important Processing Stages of Palm Kernel Oil Refinery

In small palm kernel oil refining, the process is similar to that of refining coconut oil which also takes place in three stages. The Palm Kernel oil and coconut oil are some of the well known non-drying oils requiring special equipment for the processing. These stages of refining process include; de-gumming, the neutralization and bleaching process, distillation and the fractionation process.

dried palm kernels

The first and key stage of the refinery process is the de-gumming stage. The equipment used for this stage is the de-gumming tank. This process involves the elimination of impurities from the crude Palm Kernel Nut oil. The extraction of the Small Palm Kernel is not similar to that of the Palm oil extraction and needs a processing plant that specializes in the processing of other oils such as the cottonseeds and shea nuts. In this stage, only the dried palm kernels are ground into small pieces which are easier to heat.

The second stage is the neutralization process, which is also known as the de-acidification process. The equipment necessary for this stage is the heat ex-changer which is responsible for boiling the oil. The Kernels are neutralized to remove impurities for two reasons. The first reason is that impurities are responsible for a manufacturer's losses that occur as a result of the presence of emulsifying properties in the kernel nut. The other reason is that the emulsifying properties also lead to the decomposition of the kernel nut because of their thermal instability. This results in the darkening of the final refined oil product.
In this stage, there is also the bleaching or the de-coloring of the oil. The oil that has been de-gummed in the first stage has to be mixed with a bleaching earth. It is known as the bentonite calcium bleach, which is effective for removing impurities as mentioned earlier.

The third stage is the distillation stage, also known as the deodourization process. In this stage, the odour and the taste of the oil is removed. For this to happen, the oil has to be heated at high temperatures of between 240 to 260 degrees. The oil is then cooled at a room temperature.

Lastly, the other stage is the fractionation process. In this stage, the Palm Kernel Olein and Stearin can be seen. These are the liquid fractions seen after the first three stages are complete. Olein is used as a cooking or frying oil. It is high in iodine value and mixed with other oils to satisfy the market needs. Stearin is the solid that is left after getting the Olein liquid part of the oil. Strearin is highly useful for making animal feeds and soaps.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us when you are interested in the small palm kernel oil refinery unit!