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rapeseed oil press with diesel engine

Usually the common screw type oil press machines are using electric motors as power, however, users in some palce have no or can not use three-phase motor because of the limitation of region and condition. At this time you'd rather choose an oil press with diesel engine instead.

You can change the three-phase motor into the 220 v motor if it is only the limitation of voltage problem, but if the user needs to complete mobile operation and subject to the conditions of power supply, then the user have to pick up an oil press with diesel engine.

YZS-80 Rapeseed Oil Press with Diesel Engine

These rapeseed oil presses are characterized by their high oil output rate with good quality, simple design, easy to use and continuous operation. Our screw oil press can use for various raw material, such as rapeseed, beans, rape and cotton seeds, sesame, olive, sunflower, coconut, grass seed etc. Equipped with diesel engine, thay can also be used to complete mobile operationon even on the farm.

rape seed oil press with diesel engine

Features of YZS-80 Rape Seed Oil Press

  • Cast iron machine base;
  • Special gear box structure make the rotating speed averagely;
  • Main parts of chamber through the processing of high-temperature tempering and low temperature quenching;
  • Cake thickness can be adjusted once the machine stop running;
  • Superior grade oil cake;
  • Copact structure, stable function, simple maintenance.


Proper Extraction Method Help You Increase Rape Seed Oil Yield  

  • Rape seeds pretreatment - seeds cleaning by cleaning sieve to get rid of sand and otherimpurities.
  • Well control the fire of cooker to get the right temperature.
  • Well change the worm shaft of your rapeseed oil press to adjust the insdie pressure.
  • A few bran added in rape seeds can increase oil extraction rate.