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  • YZS 100A Integrated Oil Press
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  • YZS 130A Integrated Oil Press
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oil press general failure and removal

Failures Reasons Removal
Sudden Stop,
Shaft Blocked
1.New machine without running up.
2.Cake too thick, pressure too high.
1.Carefully operating as per the manual.
2.Note motor sound and current value
Low Oil Output 1. Non-adequate water content.
2. Low chamber temperature.
3. Non-adequate gap among rods or plates.
4. Parts worn.
1.Operating as per the manual.
2.Loosen tightening nut to drive slag off.
3.Replace worn parts.
Oil Return to Hopper 1. Too tight rods and plates.
2. High oil content and thicker cake.
1.Loosen tightening nut。
2.Adjust cake thickness and add cakes into chamber to drive oil off
Oil Spot on Cakes 1. Too much water content.
2. Too small gap among rods and plates.
3. Parts worn
1.Operating as per the manual
2.Loose tightening nut.
3.Replace worn parts
Dark and Viscous Oil 1. Low chamber temperature.
2. Too much forming particles in oil .
3. Raw material too dry.
1.Operating as per manual
2.Selecting raw material
Low Productivity 1. Poor quality of cotton seeds.
2. Chamber and pressing screw not smooth.
3. Raw material too much water content .
4. Too much gap at oil outlet port.
5. Worn screw
1.Cotton seeds selected.
2.Make chamber and screw and smooth.
3.Operating as per manual
4.Replace worn parts
Raw Material Can Not be Fed 1. Oil returns to hopper.
2. Wet raw material.
1.Operating as per manual
2.Cotton seeds prepared
Cracked Residue Appears at the Outlet Severely 1. Gaps among rods and plates too big
2. Too high pressure in the chamber.
3. Parts worn.
4. Raw material too dry.
1.Operating as per manual
2.Replace worn parts