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niger seed oil extraction mill

Niger seed is a minor oil seed crop cultivated in Ethiopia, India, Germany, West Indies, Brazil, Mexico, China, Nepal, and Myanmar. It resembles sunflower seeds in shape, but is smaller in size and black. Niger seeds contain around 40 % oil and about 20 % protein. Commercial niger seed is grown in Africa, India and other areas of southeast Asia, and the seed is imported around the world as a popular type of birdseed.

niger seed and niger seed oils

Niger seed oil is obtained from the seeds of Niger plant, Niger seed oil contains linoleic acid as the primary fatty acid (75-80%), followed by palmitic and stearic acids (7-8%) and oleic acid (5-8%), although Indian Niger oil is reportedly higher in oleic acid (25%) and lower in linoleic acid (55%).

Characteristics of Niger Seed Oil

Characteristic Range
Refractive Index400C 1.4655 - 1.4673
Saponification Value 187 - 195
Iodine Value 112 - 129.0
Unsaponifiable Matter 0.5 - 1.0%
Moisture 0.5 - 0.75%
Bellier Turbidity Temperature 24.5 - 27.8°C
F.F.A 0.2 - 2.0%

Niger seed Oil Extraction Mill

This is an advanced oil extraction mill that is easy to operate and repair and in the meantime can process many kinds of vegetable plant seeds except niger seeds, for example, the screw type extraction mill is capale of making oil from sunflower seeds, soya beans, sesame, safflower seed etc.

niger seed oil extraction mill

Fetures of the Screw Type Niger Seed Oil Extraction Mill

  • Cast iron machine base;
  • Gear reducer system;
  • Superior grade oil & cake;
  • Compact structure, stable function, simple maintenance.
  • Main parts through the processing of high-temperature tempering and low temperature quenching;

Specifications of the Niger Seed Oil Extraction Mill

Model Capacity Power Dimension Weight
5T per 24Hours

The Uses of Niger Seed Cake

Following oil extraction, the seed cake can be stored and used as an animal feed supplement. Niger seed meal is reported to be free from any toxic substance and contains more crude fiber than most oilseed meals. The by-product also contains 30% protein and 23% crude protein.

niger seed oil cakes made by our oil extraction mill

Healthy, sleek pigs being raised behind the mill appear to attest to the feed value of Niger seed cake. Clement feeds the pigs on two simple rations. One is comprised of one part fresh seed cake meal and one part thinly sliced banana stalk (a mechanical slicer makes short work of a large stem). The ration is cooked and fed to the hogs. The second is a balanced dry feed ration comprised of dried seed cake that is ground into meal and mixed with ground corn, rice bran and concentrate.