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multi purpose small oil production line

A multipurpose small oil production line is a good working mini unit to use for small scale oil production business such as vegetable and plant seeds.

Considerable Advantages of the Multi Purpose Small Oil Production Line

This production line can accommodate many types of vegetable and plant seeds (such as palm, peanuts, cotton, rape seeds, sesame seeds, soybeans, etc.) that can be processed in shorter given time.This small unit and technology has a lot of considerable advantages that you should look into. Here are some of them:

various vegetable seeds for the small line

  • It can accommodate a good deal of varieties of plant and vegetable seeds.
  • It is small so that it doesn’t consume a large space on your piece of land.
  • It comes in a cheaper price (compared to enormous oil processing plants), but still offers a complete oil production line.
  • This machine is also easy to install and operate; not only that, changing the oil and other maintenance issues are also to perform.
  • Because it is small, you will only need at least 2-3 persons to keep it running; so that can really help save money from hiring operators.
  • Depending on the design and model that you will choose, there are semi-continuous designs that don’t need too much supervision in loading/feeding materials into the machine. This kind of feature gives you two advantages: one, you can avoid unstable loading of seeds to the machine (performed by your operators); and two, it results to a less effort on your behalf as well as a safer environment from the high temperatures in the working machine—and still get the same quality of results you expect that machine would give you.

Multi Purpose Small Pressing Line and Small Refining Line

This small line is rather a good investment, if you look at it. For a whole set of a multipurpose small oil production line, you will get a cleaning sieve, screw elevators, a cooker, an oil presser, a filter, and a refiner—and other add-ons, depending on the model and design you are purchasing. What makes it more of a good investment is that you can do two processes in one set of a production line: oil pressing and oil refining.

In the process of oil pressing, the materials (seeds) first are loaded into the cleaning sieve to tidy it up to make it ready for cooking. The seeds then go over the screw elevator and are loaded into the cooker, and afterwards into the presser. After the presser, the oil now goes to the filter to separate the oil and make it ready for refining process.

pressing line for muti-purpose oil production

In the refining process, the oil undergoes four stages or sections of refining. These are: degumming, neutralizing, bleaching or colorizing, and deodorizing. Some refiners also have de-waxing, but this sections is optional. In the first stage (degumming), the oil is separated from it mixtures of impurities (like sand or small particles of dust). Next (neutralizing), free-fatty acids or FFA are removed from the oil. After the FFAs are removed, the oil is then freed from its color pigments (thus, colorizing). Lastly, after bleaching, the odor and smell of the oil are also removed. This is necessary because a lot of plants and vegetables seeds have foul odors to them that most consumers don’t particularly like.
After the two processes, the finished product is now ready to market for cooking and frying purposes.

refining line for muti-purpose oil production