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mini oil mill

Edible oil consumption is increasing year after year with the improvement of human economic life level, so have you ever think of setting up a mini scale oil mill that can not only satisfy your daily oil consumption but cater to regional markets, at the same time, earn a sum of money? If the answer is yes, you have got the right place!

What is Mini Oil Mill?

Unlike large scale oil mills with huge capacities which caters to regional markets with established brands and different varieties, mini oil mill means small capacity oil processing plant or even small assembly line to cater to the local market. Usually the mini oil mill connects a series oil mill machinery together to increase oil production efficiency, get higher oil yield and improve workers' job security. The whole line is easy to operate, install and commission. All these machines can be easily connected as one complete oil line for greater efficiency or single machine can work separately.

The mini type oil processing line can process many varieties of oil seeds, such as peanut kernels, rapeseed, cotton seeds, sunflower seeds, corn seeds, palm kernels, sesame etc. The mini mill needs very little investment but high returns! It is really your ideal choice to start your oil making business!

mini oil mill for seeds and nuts

Main Equipment of the Mini Oil Mills

Different oil processing equipment will be used according to different plant seeds you are going to process. However, oil press machine is the key part in the complete oil production plant, no matter what raw material, the oil press machine is indispensable, you can choose a common screw oil press and a filter press or you can pick up an integrated oil press machine to extract and filter oil at one time. If you are making peanut oil, you are able to choose a peanut sheller, while if you are making cotton seed oil, then you should take disc huller into consideration. Just choose your material, tell us your production capacity, trust our equipment and expertise, we will customize a production line that satisfy your oil making needs!

Screw Expeller
oil expeller press machine in small oil pressing plant Screw oil expeller is the main equipment in mini oil mills. It is a mechanical method for extracting oil from raw materials. Different models screw expellers will be used according to different capacity and oilseeds you are going to process.

cooker machine in small scale oil expelling line Cooker or you can say oilseed roasting machine is always being used to warm up the oilseeds before pressing. Every crop material has its most suitable crushing temperature, so adjust the temperature and water content before pressing by a cooker will obviously increase the oil output.

Filter Press
cleaning sieve in small oil pressing unit Filter press is being used to purify the crude vegetable oils after pressing, the filtering machine utilizes a fine-mesh filtering cloth, which is particularly useful in bio-diesel oil refinement.


The Pressing Part of the Mini Oil Mill

Pressing is one of the most important process in the complete oil mill. After a series pretreatment for the oil seeds, the raw material could be sent to the pressing workshop to extract oil out from the seeds and nuts. The mini oil mill usually connects a series oil processing equipment like screw elevator, screw press, cleaning sieve, filter press together to realize continuous oil extraction. The small pressing unit has a great many advantages, for example, less land space, little investment, labor saving and wide application for vegetable seeds and nuts.

mini oil pressing mill

Mini oil mill is a complete set oil processing factory with small capacity. Different from large scale oil mill plant, mini oil mill is more likely to enter local market and provide more possibilities for investors to step into vegetable oil processing business.

1~5TPD Small Oil Mill Plant

The Refining Part of the Mini Oil Mill    

Oil refinery means a series of refining processes to remove FFA, gums, waxes, phospholipids and free fatty acid (F. F.A.), pigment, off-flavor and other impurities in the oil to make it purifier for edible uses. Degumming, Neutralizing, Decolorizing, Deodorizing, Dewaxing are the main process of the refining part, but which one is necessary depend on the capacity and raw material you choose. (Read more: Edible Oil Refinery Plant Cost >>)

mini oil refinery mill

Mini Oil Mill Supplier

As one of the best manufacturer and supplier in the field of oil and fat industry around the world, KMEC is will be your ideal choice to start your mini oil mill business! We supply a great number of oil processing machineries like screw oil press, automatic oil press, cooker, plate filter press, extruding machine, cleaning sieve, shelling equipment, just to name a few. All of our machines are CE certificated, they are quality guranteed and stand wear and tear. KMEC also offers complete set of turkey oil mill projects with capacity ranges from 1tpd to 6000tpd, Tell us your oil making need and we will design and set up for you!

Mini Oil Mill Projects

So far, we have help set up a great number of successful mini oil mill projects domestic and overseas. Here we will list a few of them. If you are also interest in our mini oil mill plants, welcome to get in touch with us without hesitation, we are always at your service!

mini scale oil 

pressing mill in Ghana oil 

pressing mill in Argentina mini fish oil refinery mill Pakistan
10TPD mini soybean oil pressing line in Ghana 30TPD soybean oil extruding and pressing line  Argentina 5TPD fish oil refinery line Pakistan

10TPD grape seed oil refinery line Linzhang 10TPD palm oil refining line in Cote d'Ivoire 10TPD soybean oil refining line in Mauritius