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  • YZS 100 Screw Oil Press
  • YZS 100A Integrated Oil Press
  • YZS 130 Screw Oil Press
  • YZS 130A Integrated Oil Press
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how to use an oil press

Before Start Using an Oil Press

  • Please pour in 100 kg oil into the gear case before starting.
  • Please add 6% to 8% of water to the dry cake, evenly mix it, and then pour it into the barrel of hopper. Polish the barrel and begin to feed. Please note that the dry cakes usually act slowly, don’t be hurry and strong. Increase the feeding when the discharge goes well. Recycle the dry cake till the water reduce gradually, then add water timely. It may bring out an accident if add dry cake too quick and strong, because the pressure of barrel will increase suddenly and block the barrel, if too dry the cake.
  • Good effect of oil press work need suitable temperature of barrel, so please increase the temperature before straight work. Try to increase the temperature like this A:use stock that has been hot. B: use dry cake mix with hot water Please feed slowly, debug the machine again and again, till the temperature goes high with hot appearance, then start the work.


pure edible oil made by screw oil press

After Installation of an Oil Press

  • Feed the cake after pressing slowly and little by little, press repeatedly, polish the press cage.
  • To avoid block on worm shaft, please don’t pour the material to the hopper of oil press machine totally, feed it by your hand slowly.
  •  If any block on worm shaft or exceptional sound by strong or over feed, please turn off the oil press machine and clear the block. Or reinstall the oil press machine and adjust again.
  • Feed evenly when the oil press machine works well, don’t over feed, under feed or feed empty.
  • The smoke from cake output should be discharged from the protecting hood.
  • Cold the hot cake timely, don’t pack or load it vexedly.

    screw typr oil press machine