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how to extract coconut oil

By Elaine He
Coconut oil can be extracted through "dry" or "wet" processing. Dry processing requires the meat to be extracted from the shell and dried using fire, sunlight, or kilns to create copra. Here we are going to talk about making copra oil by mechanical expeller press. Firstly, you should well prepare the coconut by cutting them into pieces, in the meantime, the moisture has to be removed from the coconut.

how to extract coconut oil

Well Prepare Your Coconut Before Extracting

The fresh coconuts have to be well prepared before extracting. At first, crack open fresh coconuts and remove the copra by carefully prying the meat away from the shell with a knife. Cut the copra into 1/4 inch pieces. There is no need to remove the brown outer lining, called the testa, on the coconut meat. Allow the copra to dry thoroughly to remove all moisture from the meat.

Pressing Coconut Oil by Our Oil Extracting Machine With Ease and Fun

Start the machine and put the well prepared copras into the hopper of the coconut oil pressing machine at a constant rate slowly. As the impeller within the press turns, it will compress the copra to extract coconut oil out. Push the copra into the extracting press with a wooden plunger. Check the hopper regularly and add more copra as needed to keep the press full. Examine the containers: when full, replace them and continue to extract the oil until all of the copra is pressed.

Coconut Oil Extracting Machine

YZS-100 oil press machine is a screw-driven oil making press that is well performing in extracting coconut oil. The oil machine is also able to press oil from other vegetable seeds and nut, like soybean, peanut, sesame seeds etc.

screw type coconut oil extracting machine