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how to choose good oil press

By Elaine He

A growing number of entrepreneurs invest in the oil making industry with the improvement of people's living standard. How to choose and buy good oil press machines? What kind of oil press is most suitable for you and can bring you higher economic value? Maybe this is the first time you buy oil press, here we will show you some essentials before and when you buying oil mill machine.


to choose good oil press machine

What Kind of Oil You are Going to Extract?

First of all, you should know what kind of oil you are going to extract. Extract oil from peanut, sesame, cotton seed rapeseed or any other vegetable plant? There isn't an all-powerful oil press can extract various materials with perfect oil yield. If you want to extract sesame oil, we recommend YZS-70 oil press, if you are going to press rapeseed oil, then the YZS-80 oil mill will be your better choice.

oil material for you to choose

How Large is Your Oil Extracting Scale?

What is your expect daily oil output? If you just want an oil press for home use, you can choose a hand crank manual oil press, if you want an oil press to realize oil making demands from 0.8TPD-20TD, you can click here to choose the right machine for you. Even if you are like to set up a oil mill company for small, medium or large scale, KMEC can also offer appropriate design project for you

How to Judge the Machine is of Good Quality?

  • Firstly,check whether if the appearance of the machine is paint evenly. Generally, legal oil press machine manufacturers always use good paint on machine to ensure the smoothness of the machinery.  Good look can not only attract customer but can also reflect the serious attitude of the manufacturer in producing quality products.
  • Check whether the spare parts of the machine is complete. You should pay more attention to the humble small accessories, especially some small screws, check seriously whether they have all been installed. Please do not miss every little detail.
  • Turn the belt pulley by hand several circles to check whether there is iron or other foreign matters in the machine barrel, With or without sticking phenomenon? In the mean time, pay attention to whether the gears in the gear meshing is normal.
If you still can not decide to what oil press to buy or you want more detail service, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will always at your service!