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  • YZS 130A Integrated Oil Press
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advantages of refined oil

Refined oil is the product oil which after refined, and remove the harmful impurities in the crude oil, and then achieve the state quality standard. The refined oil has a great number of advantages over the crude vegetable or animal oils, it is more sanitary, more healthy and more suitable for human's daily edible uses. The refinery oil is non-deteriorate, easy to store and produce less lamp black when cooking. However, crude oil means the vegetable or animal oil without refining after being extracted. This kind of unrefined crude oil includes a series impurities like phospholipids, FFA, pigment, off-flavor etc. which is the mixture of fatty acid triglyceride, and non glycerol substance, all these are not good for human's health.

healthy refined oil for edible use

4 Main Ingredients of Crude Oil

  •  Suspended impurity
  • Glue soluble impurity
  • Oil soluble impurity
  • Water. The water in gross oil make it easy to hydrolyze and sour.

3 Ways to Get Heathful Refined Oil

  • Mechanical means, including pressing, filtration and centrifugation, the mainly working principle is to separate part of glue soluble impurity which suspend on the gross oil.
  • Chemical method, mainly including acid refining, alkali refining, oxidize, etc. Acid refining is to remove coloring matter and glue soluble impurity; alkali refining is to remove non-esterified fatty acid; oxidize is to bleach.
  • Physical-chemical process, mainly including hydration, bleaching, wet distillation, etc. Hydration is to remove phospholipid; bleaching is to remove coloring matter; Wet distillation is to remove smell and non-esterified fatty acid.