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palm oil fractionation line

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Progject Introduction
1. Project Name: 10tpd palm oil fractionation line
2. Installation Site: Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire
3. Installation and Debugging Time: April, 2015
4. Technological Process:
   Palm oil- Heating - Cooling - Filtering - Palm olein
                                           - Palm stearin

10tpd palm oil fractionation line technological process

Palm oil fractionation is a kind of new oil processing technology, with the adoption of this dry fractionation can get different melting point of palm oil products such as 10 degree,14 degree, 18 degree, 24 degree, 33 degree, 44 degree, 55 degree, at the same time can also be used for processing of cottonseed oil, fish oil and lard oil, improve the added value of the oil products, increase the economic benefit of enterprise.

The 10TPD palm oil fractionation processing technology developed by our company enjoys the features of advanced technology and full computer automatic control, it could control the temperature curve precisely, this processing technology has low invest cost, high yield rate of liquid oil, high purity of solid fat, high economic benefit.

Pictures taken after Installation and testing for the production equipment

1. Fractionation Workshop

palm oil fractionation workshop view

2. Crystallizing and Filtering

crystallizing tank and filtering machine

3. Palm Oil after Fractionation

palm oil after fractionation

4. Electric Control Cabinet

electric control cabinet for palm oil fractionation

5. Photo Taken with the Customer

group photo after debugging