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5TPD batch soybean oil refining line

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Customer has 25ton/day soybean oil extraction line already, the oil extraction line including 1PC cleaning sieve,1PC steam cooker, 1PC crusher, 3PC oil press and 1PC filter. We have to install the 5ton/day batch soybean refining oil line for customer this time.

Project Profile:

  • Project Name: 5TPD Batch Soybean Oil Refining Line
  • Installation Time:  March 3rd, 2015 - April 24th, 2015
  • Installation Country: Kumasi, Ghana
  • Main Equipment: 5ton/day soybean oil refining equipment which includs refining pot, deodorizing pot,decoloring pot, leaf filters, water-ejection-vacuum-pump,heat-conduction oil furnace i.e..
  • Production Process: Neutralization, Water Washing, Decoloration,Filtering and Deodorization.

On-Site Installation Photos:

1. Welding heat conduction oil pipes


are welding heat conduction oil pipes

2. Welding lye tank outlet valve

workers are 

welding lye tank outlet valve

3. Welding leaf filter pipes

workers are 

welding leaf filter pipes

4. Welding hot water tank outlet valve


are welding hot water tank outlet valve

5. Testing plate filter press

our engineer is 

testing plate filter press

6. Finished batch soybean oil refining line workshop


ton/day batch soybean oil refining line workshop

7. Having a group photo taken to mark the occasion

take a picture  with