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  • small scale oil pressing line
  • small scale oil refinery line
  • YZS-100 screw oil making machine
  • YZS-100A integrated oil making machine
  • YZS-130 screw oil press making machine
  • YZS-130A integrated oil press making machine
  • Small Oil Pressing Line
  • Small Oil Refinery line
  • YZS 100 Screw Oil Press
  • YZS 100A Integrated Oil Press
  • YZS 130 Screw Oil Press
  • YZS 130A Integrated Oil Press
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10TPD Cottonseed Oil Refinery and Fractionation Line in Afgha

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10tpd small cottonseed oil refinery and fractionation line installed in Afghanistan. Below are pictures of the onsite installation and commissioning. The equipment inspection and package, please see 10TPD Cottonseed Oil Refinery Plant Equipment to Afghanistan.

cottonseed oil refinery plant

10TPD Cottonseed Oil Refinery Plant

cottonseed oil fractionation plant
10TPD Cottonseed Oil Fractionation Plant