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  • small scale oil pressing line
  • small scale oil refinery line
  • YZS-100 screw oil making machine
  • YZS-100A integrated oil making machine
  • YZS-130 screw oil press making machine
  • YZS-130A integrated oil press making machine
  • Small Oil Pressing Line
  • Small Oil Refinery line
  • YZS 100 Screw Oil Press
  • YZS 100A Integrated Oil Press
  • YZS 130 Screw Oil Press
  • YZS 130A Integrated Oil Press
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ABC Machinery will Visit Pakistan | Welcome to Meet Us

From 25th September, 2018, we will have a team go to Pakistan to attend a local exhibition, at the same time, they will to visit the customers that contacted before to solve the problems about vegetable oil making in person. From 27th to 29th September, they will stay in Lahore and then go to Karachi to visit our customers’ factory.

business trip to Pakistan
If you are interested in vegetable oil making business, please get in touch with now or just to meet us in Pakistan!